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WordPress at Ease

A Brand New WordPress Theme Building Experience


By keeping all code up to date with WordPress core as well as avoiding the use of plugins, we avoid putting your site at risk.


With TheDock you can easily build a site that will stand the test of time, both from a technical and a usability perspective.


A site built with TheDock leverages modern techniques and processes to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Your responsive layouts, our responsibility.

With TheDock, you never have to worry about your site breaking on any screen. You can safely design for one screen size and we will take care of the rest.

Compose your theme all through our own, unique, built-in editor*


Set your design using one of our presets or edit your design library to customize your theme’s typography, color and spacing just like you want it.


Build your theme from our built-in layout templates or layout your own templates from our many modules. You can also start blank using our intuitive Layout Builder to complete your vision.


Our unique Content Arrangement editor allows you to visually adjust the composition between imagery and other content. Your selected layout will automatically adjust to different screens.

Theme Files

TheDock rebuilds your theme files on every export, compiling it to only the code needed to produce your selected layout. You can easily extend the code, either from inside our application or manually in your child theme.

* TheDock ships with our own custom Layout Builder which includes, but is not limited too, all the major features of traditional editors. Inside the visual editor you can easily create slideshows, carousels and many layouts that previously required additional plugins.