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For Content Creators

Creating new landing pages should be quick and easy.

TheDock exports a custom theme with a bespoke WordPress back-end for every client. Add, edit or remove text, images and even whole sections easily with our flexible content editing system, or use our intuitive layout builder to quickly create new content.

Custom WP Blocks

By using our custom WordPress blocks you can utilize core functionality like Menus, Widgets or Comments anywhere in your layout.

Effects and Parallax

Areas and Blocks support effects like fading in or changing position or scale in when in view or on hover.

You can also add parallax to elements to give more depth to your layout.

Scroll Snap Support

All templates can use CSS Scroll Snap for scrolling a page section by section.

Advanced Areas

Using our Advanced Area feature turn your area add a background layer to your area and use CSS grid for more layout control such as overlapping the background and the content.

Custom Forms Using CF7

Extending your theme with the Contact Form 7 plugin you can create custom forms in WordPress. With our Custom Form Block you can edit the style of the form.

Section Modes

All sections in your layout can have different layout modes, including carousel and masonry layouts.

Unsplash Images

Using our built-in Unsplash-integration for images you have a library of thousands of great images at your disposal at any time.

Gallery Block

Our custom Gallery block have different layout options like grid and slideshow, controls for the UI, zoom-support and other effects.

Mailchimp Block

Our custom MailChimp blocks integrates with the MailChimp API and makes it very easy to add a signup form anywhere in your site.

WordPress Content

Using our WP Editor Block you can control the placement and layout of your WordPress content.

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