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Headless web development is time consuming. That is why TheDock runs on WordPress, in the front and in the back. Create great looking and highly performant websites, for fraction of the cost. Solid websites, really fast.

For Developers

Convert designs to an intuitive back-end for your clients

WordPress is customisable to any website needs, making it the most popular CMS on the web. Chances are your client is already used to the interface. With TheDock, WordPress can really compete with more decoupled solutions (headless), both in terms of performance and scalability.

WordPress Native

Easily create new Post Types and Taxonomies using our visual editor.

Organized data with ACF

When working with more data-oriented posts and layouts, the WordPress Block Editor (or the original Content Editor) does not offer an ideal workflow. Instead, WordPress have custom meta fields as a native feature, however the user experience of working with those native fields leave much to be desired.

Advance Custom Fields extends the core functionality to a much better editing experience, and any custom field added through TheDock will be connected to an appropriate field using ACF.

Custom Code

To ensure that anything is possible, theme’s built with TheDock support not only visual editing, but also custom code. Our code editors are built-in and you do not need to edit any files.

Add custom styling with CSS or scripts in JavaScript.

Add custom functions in PHP by extending your function.php file from within TheDock.

You can also create PHP Partials to extend your templates with custom coded parts, both as Sections and as Blocks.

Global Modules

Define global modules that can be used in more than one template in your theme. Quickly apply changes by changing the module.

You can also insert a module in a template and then detach the contents of your module. This way modules can be used as blueprints for a faster workflow. Any section in a layout can quickly be saved as a module adding it to your library, ready to be used in another template.

Upload Any Font

Simply drag-and-drop any .woff file to upload and use in your theme.

Global Header

Your theme have a global header applied by default to all templates. The global header can hidden from the template settings.

The global header comes in two variants, one for desktop and one for mobile devices. By applying different styles, the menu can be placed on the top, on the side or as an overlay toggled by a button.

By default, your mobile menu is a overlay menu toggled by a button.

Templating System

All parts of your site, such as pages, archives and single posts, have templates attached. TheDock visualizes the built-in template hierarchy of WordPress to give you full control of your theme.

You can even create templates that are exported as Custom Templates, to be assigned to any post in WordPress.

Lazy-loading Images

All images are lazy-loaded by default for optimal performance.

Global Footer

Your theme have a global footer applied by default to all templates. The global footer can hidden from the template settings.

The footer consists of one or more sections that can be fully customized just as any section in any layout.

let’s get STARTED

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