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For designers

All your design tied to a site-wide system for great consistency

Coherency is a key factor in design as well as in development. TheDock encourages design consistency by the use of a carefully crafted design system. The result is visually striking websites ready to scale with your content.

CSS Blend Modes

All graphics, including backgrounds and videos, have support for CSS Blend Modes. To ensure performance, grayscale images are generated for any image uploaded to your theme to avoid the use of filter.

Global Button Style

Define the default styling for Buttons in your theme. Buttons come in three different variations, Full, Outline and Text, and each variation come in all colors of your theme. You can adjust Buttons in your layout to extend the default style.

Auto-adjusting Layouts

All your layouts are based on a 12 column grid which automatically adjusts your design to any screen size.

Global Base Size

All sizing, from typography to margins and widths, is based on a responsive Base Size to keep your layouts unison. No more setting margins and type sizes in exact pixels, REM for the win!

Typographic Scale

Use up to five global typographic styles, easily maintained through one unison control panel.

Global UI Styles

Define your default border thickness, radius and shadows to be applied to all elements that support these features. The style can then be customized on every element as needed.

Global Swatches

Create unique swatches including gradients to use anywhere in your site.

Global Color Palette

All colors in your theme is connected to your global palette, including automatic tints and shades, making it super quick to change a color. Contrast color is suggested for optimal accessibility.

Curated Library of Typefaces

Our design team regularly handpicks new open source typefaces to use in our theme.

Lottie Animations

Upload any Lottie file and use in your theme. All graphics support blending modes and can be used as backgrounds.

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