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Choose a theme and kick-start your website project.

Quickly change style with one of our many presets.

Full Site Editing in WordPress done right. Edit design, layout and even theme architecture, without writing a single line of code.

Create your whole theme in our visual editor which exports new theme files on each export. Collaborate with your team in cloud and publish changes to your site in seconds.

Define your own custom design system in our visual editors.


Our typographic system is based on a recommended number of styles in a type scale, from Huge to Small. Sizes are set relative to a Base size, which is scaled responsively.

A number of select typefaces have been carefully curated by our design team, but any font can be used.

Simply upload your fonts from Google Fonts or any other source.


Our color palettes are optimised for contrast and include five color, plus tints and shades of each color.

You can easily change one color in your palette and it will update across your theme instantly.

You can also create swatches with gradients, split colors and any color you like, giving you full creative freedom.


TheDock themes are built on a twelve column grid. There are numerous settings to adjust your grid, including max width, gaps, offsets and other useful settings.

TheDock is responsive out of the box, which means you can design for one screen and your layout will automatically adjust to other screens.

Creating new templates is a smooth sail in our no-code visual layout editor.


TheDock features many ways for working with images. Images can be uploaded using the Media Library or embeded from Unsplash using our custom integration.

Images can be set to match certain ratios, covering the space or contained within, with or without margins. Images can also be blended with colors from your palette using one of the many blend modes in CSS.

Advanced Templating

Static or Dynamic – TheDock does it all

Templates can be either static, meaning they are edited through the layout editor in TheDock, or dynamic, using WordPress data sources (including Custom Fields), allowing editing content from the WordPress admin panel.

With dynamic data sources you can easily create complex layouts in your templates while allowing the WordPress editors to only work with the content rather than changing the layout.

This duality is what makes TheDock both a Theme Editor and a Page Editor.

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