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Ship Solid Websites

Is editing your client’s websites messing with your workflow? With TheDock you can ship great looking websites with an intuitive WordPress back-end that anyone can handle. Let designers and developers focus on what they do best and let your client do the content editing.

A WordPress workflow that lets you and your team work really fast

TheDock is a visual editor for teams to create websites faster. Themes built with TheDock look sharp, perform great and are easily maintained by anyone on your team or by your client.

For Designers

→ Grid-based layout system with great flexibility

→ Auto-adjusting layouts for all screens

→ Global components like buttons and typography

→ Global colors with tints, shades and gradients

For Developers

→ Flexible templates with custom fields

→ New theme files with every build, no shortcodes

→ High security with built-in features

→ Simply add post types, taxonomies and custom code

For Your Clients

→ Edit content using the native WordPress UI

→ Well structured data using post types and custom fields

→ White-label theme, do not share access to TheDock unless you want to

let’s get STARTED

Build websites quickly with TheDock and keep maintenance easy with WordPress. Pay once and use TheDock forever on a single domain. Add hosting of your site at an affordable yearly cost.

30-day money-back guarantee

For designers

All your design tied to a site-wide system for great consistency

Coherency is a key factor in design as well as in development. TheDock encourages design consistency by the use of a carefully crafted design system. The result is visually striking websites ready to scale with your content.

No plugins No Shortcodes No plugins No Shortcodes

No Shortcodes No plugins No Shortcodes No plugins 

No plugins No Shortcodes No plugins No Shortcodes

For Developers

Convert designs to an intuitive back-end for your clients

WordPress is customisable to any website needs, making it the most popular CMS on the web. Chances are your client is already used to the interface. With TheDock, WordPress can really compete with more decoupled solutions (headless), both in terms of performance and scalability.

Theme Development in the Cloud

Since TheDock run on top of WordPress application, all theme editing happens in the cloud. Gone are the days of .env files, local environments and deployment routines.

Say hello to a workflow with quick changes and instant theme updates.

Teams, from designers to developers, can also collaborate in TheDock, while editors can change content in WordPress just as easy as it has ever been.

WordPress Native

Easily create new Post Types and Taxonomies using our visual editor.

Auto-adjusting Layouts

All your layouts are based on a 12 column grid which automatically adjusts your design to any screen size.

Organized data with ACF

When working with more data-oriented posts and layouts, the WordPress Block Editor (or the original Content Editor) does not offer an ideal workflow. Instead, WordPress have custom meta fields as a native feature, however the user experience of working with those native fields leave much to be desired.

Advance Custom Fields extends the core functionality to a much better editing experience, and any custom field added through TheDock will be connected to an appropriate field using ACF.

Global Base Size

All sizing, from typography to margins and widths, is based on a responsive Base Size to keep your layouts unison. No more setting margins and type sizes in exact pixels, REM for the win!

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For Content Creators

Creating new landing pages should be quick and easy.

TheDock exports a custom theme with a bespoke WordPress back-end for every client. Add, edit or remove text, images and even whole sections easily with our flexible content editing system, or use our intuitive layout builder to quickly create new content.